Winners of the fifth edition of MootComp

MootComp, a non-profit organization dedicated to holding a contest for oral hearings on economic competence, announced the winners of its fifth edition. The contest, organized with collaboration of Miranda & Amado, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, Gómez Pinzón and Barros Errázuriz (members of Affinitas), is an open forum for the debate on economic competence issues that, through practical cases and interdisciplinary work, promotes knowledge on the subject and generates job opportunities for its participants.

The winners of this edition are:

  • Best lawyer

Enzo Gómez Rojas


  • Best economist

Maria Antonia Yung


  • Best writing -commission



  • Best writing - Economic Agent



  • Best Economic Agent



  • Best Commision




Winners will receive prizes consisting of; Academic scholarships for postgraduates, books and subscriptions to the main specialized publications on economic competence, job offers in the best institutions in Latin America, and electronic devices, which will help them to continue with their studies and boost their professional development.

At MootComp we are aware that education is one of the factors that most influences the development and progress of people and societies. Five years ago, we decided to start this project with a small local team and with a limited scope to our country, today we are excited to see that not only has the number of participants multiplied, but that we have been strengthened thanks to the trust of all its collaborators who have made MootComp a platform that encourages the professional development of more Latin American students, said Carlos Orcí, founder of MootComp.

The contest consists of defending the position provided by each participating team in a hypothetical case, first in writing and later through hearings in which they are allowed to present their arguments orally in front of juries made up of prominent practitioners and academics.

Throughout the contest, the participants have expert Coaches in the field, who voluntarily advise the teams on economic and legal issues to solve the case.

This year the case to be resolved dealt with concentrations in digital markets, lasted three months and had the participation of different international exhibitors in different areas who trained the participants of the MootComp to have the best tools to perform a prominent role.

For 5 years, MootComp has joined the efforts of the main leaders of Latin America to provide future lawyers and economists with a unique experience and job opportunities, demonstrating the great social commitment of the professionals involved and the students for an education of excellence. In this fifth edition there was the intervention of; 7 countries, 55 teams, 241 participants, 57 universities, 98 coaches and more than 70 judges.


About MootComp.

MootComp offers law and economics students the opportunity to debate economic competence issues through practical cases and interdisciplinary work, promoting their knowledge on the subject and generating job opportunities for their professional careers. MootComp is committed to promoting education in a resourceful, practical, and responsible way for students of law and economics careers.

MootComp has the collaboration of Miranda & Amado, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, Gómez Pinzón and Barros Errázuriz (members of Affinitas).

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